Thomas Amelio, President Emeritus of The New York Open Center, talks about the power of Scott's work


"Scott is grounded, fearless and bold in his healing approach--no nonsense, but empathic, compassionate and empowering.

Seeing the truth will not only set you free but also heal you, and he creates the safety and insight for that to happen. I am rarely a passive participant while he “works” on my body, but instead he encourages me to feel and accept any impediments, and get the healing energy flowing where it previously had not.

Scott is very gifted in “seeing” what is going on in your system. The morning of my last session I had resumed, after a long break, therapeutic exercises to strengthen my adductors. His first question to me in my afternoon phone session that day was, “what’s happening in your inner thigh?” When I told him about my morning exercise, he said, “your inner thigh loves that, and wants more!

But this seeing is only a helping tool; he then engages me to become aware, and work with, what is coming up--often guiding me with a breathing, focusing and visualization exercise to move the energy in a way specific to what is currently arising. This experience is often followed by some invaluable insight which further seals the change.   Thus I don’t leave a session merely feeling great because someone “did” some amazing work on me, also but empowered to continue the process on my own."

Thomas Amelio
President Emeritus
The New York Open Center