Mysticism & Medical Intuition:

Laura Alden Kamm & Scott Clover

‘Honoring the Sacred on Your Practical Path to Wellness’

Developing trust with your Medical Intuitive skills is part of this course, as is the mystical experiences that arise when developing intuitive skills. 

Laura will lead you through practices that accelerate your perceptual abilities, experiencing the world in a very different way. 

It’s really difficult to trust your intuition when it’s random and inconsistent. It won’t be that way any longer, once you understand the simple, yet, profound way that your intuitive system operates. Medical intuition can feel especially challenging at first, but with awareness and practice, it can become a powerful skill,  offering clarity, direction, and peace of mind in your life, wellness, and spiritual path. 

Laura Alden Kamm helps us recognize and develop the intuition that we have always had access to. You’ll be guided through widely taught practices developed from Kamm’s near-death experience and personal mystical experiences. 

Mysticism and intuition go hand in hand. Adding Medical Intuition, honoring your sacred journey, wellness and call to serve to others brings grace and enriching qualities to your life.

Note: This workshop is for anyone interested in applied intuition and integrative medicine and healing.

In this workshop, Scott Clover will be the Special Guest Teacher and will lead the class through several Somatic energy exercises.