Episode #03 - Check Inside & Find Your Tribe

“It's not about being different, it's about being yourself," says Scott in this third conversation with Carl Munson about healing, health and well being in the deepest and most profound sense.

Under discussion are toxic people and situations, the vital importance of self-expression, and whether we should stick around people who do not nourish us and what we stand for in life.

Episode #02 - Not new agey or spiritual

What if we could resolve our childhoods and make a positive shift to adulthood?

Could it be that, those childhood survival strategies are still running our lives 20, 30, 40 years later? And what sort of world is this, where shocked and traumatized children are pulling the strings inside now adult bodies?
More importantly, how can we remove these set ways of thinking, these energy patterns?
In this interview provided by Carl Munson we dive deeper into these very ideas.

Episode #01 - Intuition as our Evolution

In this upbeat exchange we chat about Intuition as our Evolution, about Scott's work and approach, as well as his personal journey.

Carl Munson interviews Scott about how people's 'stories' are ultimately unhelpful and how authenticity, embodiment and intuition may well be our collective calling in these turbulent times.