Participate in a Case Study Designed to Help Gay Men in the Business World.

A research study is being conducted in order to learn more about the connection between conventional societal beliefs and the impact they can have on the body and spirit — specifically relating to how they affect introspection, interactions and behaviors.

To participate, you will be asked to meet for a 75-minute healing session in a West Village office location. This session will be comprised of Somatic Energy Healing and Chakra Balancing, and will be offered in exchange for participation.

Results of the study will become the foundation of a workshop series that will help attendees expand personal acceptance and effectiveness by overcoming the constraints of societal expectations and by dispelling limiting beliefs.

This is anonymous and all results/information are confidential. Data collected will ultimately be beneficial for energy practitioners, as well as others in the LGBT community and beyond.


About Scott Clover

Scott Clover is an Intuitive Energy Practitioner based in the West Village of NYC.

His healing work specializes trauma release and advising how to tap into ones own innate power, creating a healthier environment for future growth.

He has a history of business ownership, philanthropy and supporting the arts community.


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