At their base, the physical bodies we inhabit are made up of energy. It weaves in and around us. Energy connects and controls our bodily systems and emotions, as well as our connection to others and the world at large.

Energy either flows or stagnates. As we go through life, certain energetic blockages and detours can negatively affect us — compromising our bodies, relationships and overall health. But just as it can heal cuts and bones, the body has the ability to restore flow and heal these energetic and emotional wounds.

Your body does not want to be sick, damaged, stunted or compromised. It wants to be in its true state of being — healthy, pain-free and productive. The stories and vibrations your body receives over your lifetime either improve or dull the healing force inside you. Working with me unlocks the areas in you that are confined and limit your power.



Clients who have worked with me report that they feel lighter and more capable, at a pace that far exceeds more conventional modes of therapy. 

If you are:

  • Struggling with old, recurring patterns or feeling stuck

  • Sensing a connection to your future and need help realizing it

  • Feeling underserved by more traditional talk therapies

  • Seeking complementary alternatives to medicating your moods or sleep

  • Seeking guidance with your intuition and how it can aid you in your life

I urge you to try energy work.
You will be pleasantly surprised by its grace and effectiveness.

I can quickly assess your energetic state, identify root causes, work with you to uncover pathways and create new patterns. Learn more about what I do and how it can help you.

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One of the quickest ways to see if my energy work will be effective for you is to hear from people who have had tangible results. Hear from my former clients with these testimonials.

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