Our lives and our experiences are woven into our physical bodies. As we move through life, blockages occur that affect us and constrict our overall physical and energetic makeup. Working with intuition and somatic energy (body-oriented energy) is a way for us to connect with our body’s inherent ability to heal.

In the hour session either on the phone or in person,

I will assess your energetic state, identify root causes of your blockages, and explain how you can create an environment for healthier patterns to form. These less encumbered patterns will allow for you to have a clearer message of healing. 

My work promotes a freer flow of internal energy in your body, its systems and, in turn, your outward life.


Key areas where my work is beneficial.

Past Issues

Growing up, we accumulate beliefs about who and what we should be. Often these beliefs do not serve us as adults. Past issues can manifest into ailments. I help you clear damaging patterns and heal your mind/body.

Trauma &
PTSD Resolution

Unresolved trauma experienced as we grow up has lasting and cumulative effects on our ability to enjoy life. It takes a toll on the mind and body. There are new somatic technologies to help you gracefully release the effects of trauma and PTSD while creating a healthy environment for growth.

Creative Energetic Consulting

The energy dynamics in a creative work or performance may be too close for the creators to see where it needs polishing or if the message is receivable to their target audience. Through intuition and intent of message, we can work with your script, performance, or screenplay to energetically smooth out inconsistent plot and performance kinks or pitfalls. 


Sexual Awareness &

Freedom from conditioned thinking is a major component of a healthy sexual identity.  Being true to one's sexual energy and how it flows (both giving and receiving) helps in releasing you from fabricated constraints about sexuality. Allowing more freedom in your desires.

Interpersonal &
Family Dynamics

Often, what bothers us most in others reflect unresolved feelings and insecurities we have in ourselves. The effects or family and upbringing can obscure us from seeing ourselves clearly. Embracing these ideas with self awareness and compassion, is key to an authentic relationship with yourself and, in turn, others. 

Goal Achievement /

Connecting you to your future intentions can have a powerful effect on your present self. I can assist you in stepping into your future by aligning you with a truer sense of direction, thoughtfulness and grace.



Intuitive health is one of my main areas of focus. People all over are experiencing the power of their blossoming intuition. Staying grounded and learning how to manage this energy is crucial to a healthy path of awakening.


I help artists and creatives stay productive and inspired by teaching grounding and energy protection techniques. Feel clearer about putting your voice, art and talent out in the world. Learn about your energy fields to make creativity more graceful and productive.  


Holistic Business Dev.
& Work Satisfaction


A business is essentially an energetic entity consisting of people and systems. Our work together will provide a clearer view of your business or work environment as a whole, and how these separate parts interrelate. We will remove personal blocks that may be detouring your professional growth.


Scott teaches on the subjects above in workshops and classes in person and online. 

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