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Article on Gender Polarity in Natural Awakenings Magazine

I wrote an article about gender polarity for the June/July issue of Natural Awakenings magazine. My article is on page 13.

You can view the entire issue on and below is the transcript from the article:

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The Dance of Mars and Venus

An Exercise to Harmonize the Male and Female Inside Us

Gender duality will always exist. The terms yin and yang, masculine and feminine, and lingham and yoni are part of the human zeitgeist. The yang (masculine) energy is one of giving out, penetrating or expressing, while the yin (feminine) energy is one of receivership and drawing in.

The classic spiritual-philosophical text known as The Kybalion speaks of the principles of gender and polarity as two of the seven basic principles of existence. It explains how they exist in our physical bodies as well as on all planes of existence:

Both energies reside in all of use, regardless of our biological designation as "male" or "female." But our society, with its insistence that we identify with only one or the other, keeps the two energies at odds inside us, causing challenges and friction. The resulting disharmonious state makes us feel as thought we are fighting our own sense of self.

The following four-step exercise is designed to harmonize your gender polarities, creating a sense of unity and balance in your body and energy fields.

Create. Create a ball of energy, about half the size of a basketball, a foot in front of you. Reach out and place your hands on either side of the ball. Gently bring the ball into your body, resting it in the center and base of your pelvis.

Observe. Curiously observe how the right side of your energy differs from the left. Is it denser or lighter?

Balance. Give these energies permission to balance out the two sides, so the energy feels equal. Take your time. Now compare the front half of your energy ball to the back half. Allow the front and back of the ball's energy to equalize. Do this until you feel that all four quadrants - front-left, front-right, back-left, back-right - area ll vibrating and exchanging the same energy.

Speak. Out loud, speaking directly to the energy in your lower body, say, "I give my body permission to balance my gender." Let the energy flow naturally. Then say, "I allow my body to balance my gender." Repeat these statements three times each. Sit in this state and be informed of the balance.