Breathing into Your Base: A Balance & Breath Exercise

In this exercise you will bring awareness and balance to specific quadrants of your energy body. This can help you to start your day 'centered' or try this exercise before a meeting or presentation for added support.

Let's get started!

  • Start sitting in a comfortable position, with your head and neck supported
    • Slowly breathe into your upper body for six breaths
    • Gently breathe into your diaphragm area for six breaths
    • Breathe with intent into your pelvis six times
  • Now pay attention to your lower body and imagine your base energy dividing into four quadrants:
    • Start by finding the delineating line between the front and back of your base energy
    • Then find the delineating line between the right and left sides of your lower body

You can now sense four distinct quadrants

FRONT Left, FRONT Right,

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 10.18.49 PM.png

BACK Left, and BACK Right

  • Bring your awareness to your lower body and the two front quadrants  
    • How does the energy differ on the right side vs left side?  
    • How is it similar?
  • Try to balance out the energy in the front two quadrants so it feels equal.  
    • Curiously observe what it feels like to feel a front balance. Spend some time there take mental note of what your body senses.  
  • When you feel finished bring your awareness to the back two quadrants and repeat the exercise using the back left and back right quadrants.  
    • Curiously observe what it feels like to send a message of BALANCE, and how it affects your system as a whole.